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DOB: 10.12.2003
Colour: Silver & White
Sire: Ch. Satrebor Seriously Sober
Dam: Amadar Cream Fields
Show Results

Tilley came from Margaret Allen to Danti when she was 7 months of age. A stunning dark silver & white with the prettiest of heads. She has already shown the Akita world she has what it takes being highly placed in all her championship shows since joining our kennels. Tilley excels in movement and type. She is maturing into a most elegant lady and the future is certainly looking bright for Tilley!

Tilley gained her stud book number in September 2005 at the City of Birmingham Championship Show. This qualifies her for entry to Crufts for life. Many thanks to Judge Mike Gilchrist for thinking so highly of her.






Show Results

Show: Akita Association Championship Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch out of a large line up
Judge: Albert Wight

Judges report: Rowley's Amadar Lady of the Lamp, another nice puppy. Silver with black overlay she is just that fraction short in foreleg length for me and her topline can dip a bit in stance, but once on the alert she pulls herself together to give a most pleasing outline. I admired her head, good width in skull, sufficient stop, well shaped, dark eyes and like the winner, has excellent ears. Her side action is so balanced and her front should firm up.

Show: Driffield Champ Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch out of a large line up
Judge: Mrs Leana Lewis

Judges report: 2nd: Rowley's Amadar Lady of The Lamp for Danti. Silver/White with black overlay, good head and front, good neck and strong behind.

Show: Midland Counties Championship Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch
Judge: Loraine Webb

Judges report: Rowley's Amadar Lady of the Lamp. 10 month old black and white. Very close to winner here. This young lady has everything in the correct place. Good head with melting expression. Well presented in good coat and condition. Very sound construction. Handled very pleasingly. A good representative of the breed.

Show: L.K.A Champ Show - 1st Junior Bitch
Judge: Helen Burke

Judges report: 1st. Rowley's Amadar Lady of The Lamp for Danti. Black/silver/white of excellent type. Plenty of bone and substance. Good level topline, correct tailset. Feminine head with correct proportions. Correct angles front and rear. Moved well.

Show: Manchester Championship Show Jan 2005 - VHC Junior Bitch
Judge: Mr Graham Cruze - No report will be printed

Show: Crufts 2005 - 11th March 2005 - 1st Special Puppy Bitch - Best Puppy Bitch
Judge: Mrs Jenny Killilea (Breed Specialist)

Judges report: SpJB - 2nd Rowley's Amadar Lady of the Lamp for Danti. Another typy bitch with pretty head and expression, dark eyes and well padded checks. Straight front, just enough angulation. Well set tail. Needs to firm in topline.

Show: Bath Championship Show May 2005 - 2nd PGB
Judge - Mr D Killilea (Redwitch)

Judges report: 2nd - Rowley's Amadar Lady Of The Lamp for Danti, b/w girl, feminine head, good ears & eyes, makes a nice shape, clean coming & going, just lacking coat.

Three Counties Championship Show June 2005 - 3rd LB
Judge - Mr S Hall

Judges report: No report will be printed.

City of Birmingham Championship Show September 2005 - 1st Limit Bitch
Judge: Mr Mike Gilchrist

Judges report: Rowley's Amadar Lady Of The Lamp for Danti, lovely head, well set on ears, good neck, well made forequarter construction, nice chest of good width. Topline a shade unreliable at times standing but good on the move at which she demonstrates her real ability. Good bone, good rear angulation she uses to her advantage.





PEDIGREE: Amadar Lady of the Lamp for Danti

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