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It's important to reizlae that either type of Akita is more of a handful than most owners are ready for. Appearance is not a good reason for owning one. Do some in-depth reaseach to find out a lot more about the breed before you take the step into ownership. There isn't much difference between the types as to temperament, so talking about the breed with owners or breeders of American Akitas would be very informative.Second, as you've found out, most breeders are on the West Coast, concentrated in Southern California. The furthest east than a breeder registered with Akitainu Hozonkai (Akita Dog Preservation Society, the Japanese group that brought the breed back from near extinction beginning in the 1920s) is located is in Texas. There are probably some people producing blends of American and Japanese Akita with greater or lesser resemblance to the Japanese dogs closer to where you live, but that's anathema to purists. Still, if the look is all you want you may settle for what we call a tweenie .And be ready to pay $ 1500 and up. Lots more for a really good example. Little supply and much demand control pricing.

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Audrey and Mel

Hi Karen & Steve,
Looked at your website today,first time in a good while,& was shocked & stunned to see you had lost Seth & Phoebe! In fact, all the old crew that we knew are pretty much no more. So sad; they were all wonderful dogs. Hope you are both well, & all the best with campaigning your new bunch! Aud & Mel

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Mick McAuley

Great website and beautiful dogs. I got my first Akita a few weeks ago.

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Jill and Kevin Goodwin

Your dogs are very beautiful! It looks like you are going to have a great breeding with the sire and dam that you have chosen.

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Love your dogs I found an abandoned american akita we nursed her to her correct weight after 12 months she was in a right state now she is the centre of our universe

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Hi, love your dogs and have liked Akita breed for some time now. Please let me know of any futures litters, would like a female like phoebe. Thanks 😀

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Sumi Gross

My deepest condolences on the passing of Seth. He was the most beautiful Akita I have ever seen.
Much love to his family. <3

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Beautiful dogs! Will you please send me your email address? I cannot get a message to you on the contact us - iPhone issue?

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John Chance

You have some of the most beautiful akitas I have ever seen

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liam mustoe

Picked up our Long haired Puppy yesterday from Dani and she is beautifull

Pete Pointon

Our Danti Akita Pepper, a dearly loved giant of a dog who was at once family friend, protector and clown died yesterday. His beauty, temperament and sense of humour were a tribute to you as breeders. Thanks.

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your akitas are absolutley stuuning hope my boy turns out the same well done

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Gary maskell

Hi, I have been looking for a dog exactly like tommy that dog is stunning, when would his litter b due? If you could get back to me that would be brilliant
Thanks Gary

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jeff paye

love your photos.


Love your website, you have a really beautiful place in a great location. I'd love to come visit


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Colin Duncan

Loved the info you have on here. I'm looking forward to trying out the grooming tips on my 10 month old American Akita bitch Mia.
Great work

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Malin Olsson

Hugs to U from Svea Mimi and family!! See ya soon!

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Fee Crosland

What a wonderful website, fantastic for "newbies" to the breed
We cant wait for our new addition
You are a credit to the breed, seeing "real" Akita's just makes me smile.......Love Dave and Fee x

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Veronica S.

All these Akitas are Masterpieces!!
Great Job!!!

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Fuen No Oka

i found your website accidentaly, went through it and got fascinated. Beautiful dogs, very nice website and visible passion - congratulations

greetings from Zuzanna and my Japanese Akitas

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