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Elif Bell

Fingers crossed for Manya's first show - she is gorgeous! Love to all xxx

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Stephen Blackwell

I have Blue Brindle Japanese Akita called Sasha and this breed truely is amazing, big dogs with soft hearts.

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Joe and Lizzie

WOW! Just fantastic dogs.
Great website

Thank you

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Great Website Kaz & Steve x

Country: unitedkingdom - Email

louise thomas

just beautiful

Country: fNGlUvSttqjApK - Website - Email


Thank you so much for this artclie, it saved me time!

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Malin Ohlsson and Svea

Hello UK! Sunny greetings from Svea and her family! Lovely to read such kind words in Your news! HUGS from us!

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Lynda Drew

I have a beautiful 11 month old male pinto. His name is Rocco and he is our pride and joy. He is our first akita and we are totally smitten with the breed. He is so loving and an excellent companion. We would like to get a female to keep him company as we have just recently lost our 12 year old german shepherd to whom he looked at as his mother. He is lost without her. Ideally we would love to find a long haired akita as we do not intend to breed, we just want to get Rocco a companion.

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Bob Mann

Web site gets better each time I look. Your dogs are a credit to you.


happy birthday steve xxx

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Elif Bell

Congrats on Faith's best pup! She's looking great.
Elif xxx

Country: england - Website - Email

adrian rainbow

lovely stunning looking dogs the long haired absolutley gorgeous

Country: England - Email

Lisa Guy


Country: usa - Email

Liz Drady

I came across your website while looking for info regarding hair loss in my male 5 year old akita Gus. Your description of an Akita is Great! I enjoyed your photos and only wish I had room for more!

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charlotte lovelace

im adding you to my favorites and will keep looking on your sight my boyfriend and i are looking at getting 2 akitas 1 dog 1 bitch but not to breed and we found your sight so helpful i will be in toutch closer to the time (about a year we like to plan ahead are research first)i have 1 question how would they be round horses as i have 2 but they are great with my mums dogs thank you

Country: england - Email

steve fox

what a wonderfully informative site, great consideration has been given to individuals wanting further information on this breed, oh and what beautiful standards you have, the boys are most impressive! i found this site to be very informative and rewarding, 10/10, if the web site is this good then all the rest must be very exciting! an enjoyable site, although the link to contavct you appears not to be working? please contact me, many thanks Steve

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kelley Schlager

I just wanted to thank you for such a great website and your obvious dedication to the maintenance and improvement of the breed. Your dogs are just amazing. Thanks again, Kelley Schlager

Country: South Africa - Email

Kerry Tovell

Hi There,

Your Akitas are absolutly gorgeous,i would love to purchase one of your male pups i have tried to send you an email but there is a servo error,i would really love to hear from you.

Kind Regards

Country: United States - Email


I have two akita's. A one year old male and one year old female. One Shiba Inu. I am looking for a red and white female puppy to show. I would like a great temperment and show quality. I wanted to know how much your puppies run and do you ? I live iln Greenville, Nprth Carolina. Thanks Lisa

Country: USA - Email

Annette Gomez

Just lost my 13 year old long haired akita and was looking at your site. Beautiful

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