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Country: USA - Website - Email

T. Davenport

Stecal Strike A Pose with Danti is absolutely stunning. She kinda reminds me of my Akiko Bitch. Is she available for purchase? I didn't think so.. (LOL) Can't blame me for trying.. (Smile) Please let know if you have any litters on the ground. As I'm in the market for a new show puppy to campaign here in the United States.. Thanks for you time.

Very Respectfully,
Tamatra J. Davenport
Pacific Akitas

Country: United Kingdom - Email

Alistar Crane


Your contact link is broken so I cant find your email or telephone number.

Would love to know when pups are available next - Please email al@grapplemobile.com

Kind regards,


Country: Portugal - Email


Hi there,

First of all, congratulations for your fantastic animals! Is spectacular to see animals so healthy and so well treated.
I'm portuguese and photographer and I'm in love with this breed and your dogs.
I am interested in purchasing a male, can you tell me if it is possible to buy one of your puppies from here? how much they cost(€)?
I will wait your feedback!

Best regards,

Country: Cyprus - Email


Hi guys, looking for longcoat Akita. Interested to buy. Anyone knows where to find one? Tnx

Country: Scotland - Email


Beautiful dogs. I have a Utonagan boy age 4 (and recently lost my GSD girl at the grand old age of 15) but pick up my first Akita puppy next Saturday! I'm so excited! just wanted to say that I really enjoyed viewing your pictures.... your dogs are stunning!!! Thankyou

Country: Norway -

Hans Marius Jakobsen

You are doing a faboulus work with our boy. 3rd CC!!!! Congratulation! Give him a huge hug from us! The girls miss him:-)

Country: United States - Website - Email


You have beautiful akitas and I can't wait to have one of your beauties in my home!

Country: england - Email


You owne such beautiful akitas, we brought one of megans puppies a while back and shes is absolutely adorable and has a lovely temperment. Congratz on all your success!!!

Sam Baker

Kaz, Steve and Kelly,
Huge congratulations on your 3rd CC for Seth today at Paignton. Way to go - Champion Danti I'm All That.
Fantastic win guys,Well done, such a fantastic result. Woo Hoo. xxx

Country: dudley, west midlands - Email

mrs j.w. bunn

had my akita eleven years.will lose my right arm when i lose her.xxx

Country: United Arab Emirates - Email

Layla Al redha

you breed such lovely looking Akita's.

completely fell inlove with your dogs stunning

Country: Norway - Website


Hugh congrats on Seth`s 1st UK CC, BOB AND Group 2!!!!

Very well done!! Give him a kiss from us.


Country: ireland - Email

brendan cronin

great website and beautiful dogs.We have a long hair akita inu.bitch.mischa.also a samyode huskie dog.bud.They are best friends!!

Country: scotland - Website - Email

alan bain

thank you for this wonderful insight into akitas ,you have some beautiful dogs in your kennels .keep up the good work and good luck with the showing this year.

Country: uk - Email

David Wickett

Thinking of getting a akita and the site was very helpful.

Country: england - Website - Email

lesley canham

love yr akitas think they lovely dogs hoping to get 1 soon

Country: UK - Website - Email

Faye Bevis


Country: Finland - Website - Email


Hi! It was a great pleasure to meet in B´ham. I hope all the best for your showing and breeding in the future!

Country: wales - Email

darren eaton

very useful and informative site

Country: Ireland - Website - Email

Kevin Carroll

Hi Karen! Meant to email you to wish you all the best for 2010 both in and out of the ring!! Beautiful dogs as always! Best wishes from KAZUKO Akita Inu Ireland.

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